At SpeedGas Nigeria Limited, sustainability goes beyond just producing clean energy. As corporate leaders, we understand that we have an obligation to make our communities—where we live and work—better. We hope to achieve this through the efforts of our Foundation as well as through our commercial product, which is a cheap and clean power option.
In addition to hiring and educating local workers throughout Nigeria, SpeedGas Nigeria Limited also makes investments in essential community services in the neighborhoods that surround our gas plants. Every year, a certain percentage of income are given to foundations whose goal is to assist underprivileged local communities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) throughout Nigeria.
In order to guarantee the greatest social benefits possible, our Foundation committee is managed professionally. Our active Sustainability Committee convenes every three months to discuss initiatives, analyze results, decide on funding, aim for maximum social effect, and encourage staff participation and volunteerism in the causes we support.
As we make long-term investments, we think that adopting a sustainable mindset is not only morally right but also financially sound. Clean fuel solutions improve living conditions, stringent environmental emission regulations spur innovation and highly efficient capital equipment, and motivated staff work tirelessly to enhance our offerings and save clients money.