Speed Gas

About Us

Speed – Gas Limited is a leading supplier of natural gas in Nigeria,  our presence in the industrial hubs ensures that our customers can depend on us for CNG/LPG Installations and conversion. We have helped industrial companies to convert their primary energy consumption from dirtier forms of fuel such as Diesel, HFO , PMS to the more environmental friendly and cheap natural gas. Our Experience and record of accomplishment as an independent company means that we have the technical, engineering, man-power, wherewithal that is required to safely transition Automobiles to natural gas. We seamlessly coordinate the conversion process thereby ensuring the customer’s peace of mind. We adopt the Safety, Environment and Quality standards during and after conversion. Our Collaboration with international CNG/LPG original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) ensures that our CNG Plants and delivery vessels meet international standards of quality and reliability. Speed Gas Limited is well known for distribution of  CNG and LPG Products in Nigeria.


Our Mission

Our goal is to grow our business and its workforce to their maximum potential while marketing and successfully delivering liquefied natural gas and natural gas liquids to customers. We also want to build a solid relationship with all of our stakeholders by being a reliable partner in the sustainable growth of Nigeria’s gas industry.​

Our Vision

 …a globally competitive LNG company,​ helping to build a better Nigeria.
With a strong focus on cost leadership, excellent HSE standards, operational excellence, honesty, and integrity, Speed Gas Limited aims to become an internationally competitive LNG company. By maximizing Nigeria’s gas resources  we will contribute to the development of a more diverse economy and a cleaner environment in Nigeria.



Our Objectives

Ensuring the establishment of retail locations for investors throughout the federation (in urban, semi-urban, and rural areas) and offering LNG products at a price that is competitive

Business Principles

Our success has been defined by tenacity and commitment to our Business Principles. It begins with our core values which are pillars of the work culture at Speed Gas Limited. Our shared core values of Safety, IntegrityTeamworkRespectExcellence and Caring for people, underpin all the work we do and are the foundations of our Business Principles.
Through our Business Principles, our employees demonstrate leadership, accountability and teamwork, and through these values, they contribute to the overall success of the company.

Our Values

We aim for the best—at all times. Good or better may be ok but not when it comes to lives and communities that must be kept safe and equipment that must yield results.
We choose to be the difference. The factor that sets things straight. The ‘Eureka Moment’. The brand that fulfils your need.
Value for money is considered paramount. Careful and in-depth consideration goes into every project to be able to meet and exceed your expectations.
We do not rest on our oars; we encourage and support innovation in the team of experts. We dare to front new challenges to set the pace for excellence tomorrow.
This is key. Human lives; the local communities; company investments are at stake. We take every precaution.
We are a team of experts. We have garnered valuable experience, globally, over the period. And we are set to deliver on these.

Our Strategy

To support our environmental sustainability efforts through our near-term and long-term decarbonization program

Our Team

Our Work Process

Over several years of arduous labor on several projects, both big and small.
The most efficient working procedure has been figured out.
Receive and Evaluate
Research and detailed Planning
Deploy and complete the project
Evaluation and project handover

We are focused on energy transition while ensuring domestic energy security.