Turnkey Projects

We employ the best expertise in the industry to deliver transformative and productive results. We undertake the design, fabrication, importation and installation of all sizes of LPG tanks in Nigeria. We build gas plants of various capacities. All our plants comply with laid down specifications by appropriate regulatory authorities such as SON and DPR. We have a highly motivated and experienced workforce. Our technical staff are well trained and well equipped.
Speed Gas Limited has the capacity to provide above ground and underground LPG tanks of various capacities. All our tanks are provided with all accessories like safety fittings, valves, pipeline etc. Construction and installation of LPG plants also fits into the company’s vision of bringing clean energy closer to the people so we work with ready and willing entrepreneurs by assisting with business plans, feasibility reports and setting up their gas plants or any business along the LPG value chain.
Speed Gas Limited specializes in the design, engineering, supply, construction, installation and commissioning of pre-assembled or SKID Mounted LPG Plant or Depot Components for minimal installation start-up efforts in time & local cost.
Our range of solutions covers: 
  • LPG Cylinder Filling Plants.
  • Filling Stations for LPG, LNG, CNG and Mega Stations combining Petrol and various Gases products
  • Industrial Gas utilization purposes
  • Residential, Commercial or Public Gas utilization purposes.

LPG Retailing and Bulk Supply

Our Goal is to make renewable energy more accessible to the public. In order to accomplish this, we use our plants spread across different parts of Nigeria to provide LPG to commercial and residential clients at a price that is competitive. We also use our SPEED GAS home delivery service to deliver LPG to residences. We have invested in the building and commissioning of multiple mini skid plants in neighborhoods as part of our commitment to promote the switch from the use of biomass fuel for home cooking and toward cooking gas. We also keep a lookout out for strategically placed sites to locate additional plants.
Our excellent LPG facilities and sufficient distribution networks enable us to meet the increasing demand for LPG. This demand is a result of more Nigerians switching to LPG for home use from the country’s custom of burning firewood. The Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Company’s annual consumption statistics demonstrate the steady increase in LPG use.
Every time a customer visits an SPEED GAS LPG station, they can count on outstanding and reliable product quality together with first-rate customer service.
Additionally, our bulk delivery ensures prompt, safe delivery to the place of your choice at a highly affordable price.

LPG Sales and Services

We sell LPG tanks and accessories at moderate and affordable prices. Our foreign and local tanks and accessories are certified by SON, DPR. Our Accessories are:
• Storage Tanks
• LPG Generators
• LPG nozzles
• Digital LPG filling machines
• LPG Dispensers

LPG Haulage

SPEED GAS LIMITED maintains a policy of engaging the services of reliable transporters with road worthy trucks that meet the required Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards. As part of our HSE policy, these trucks are screened by our HSE personnel to ensure that the required HSE standards are met before they are used for services. We ensure consistent availability of LPG to our customers nationwide through diligent sourcing and effective hauling of these products.

LPG Metering & Monitoring

Speed Gas Limited offers a variety of metering systems for domestic, commercial and industrial usage.
  • Domestic Gas Meters:
  • Intelligent Integrative Prepaid Gas Meters:
  • Commercial and Industrial Gas Meters:
  • RPD Turbine Gas Meters for High Pressure Applications

LPG Dispenser, Pumps & Compressors

There are many LPG dispensers in the market and it can be difficult to select the right product for your business. Targeting the client’s needs we are able to supply the most suitable dispensers for your requirements from a range of models. We also provide custom made dispensers with a safe, reliable and quality LPG dispenser that will have a reduced cost over the lifetime of the pump. Speed Gas Limited  offers a complete range of pumping equipment for stationary and mobile applications of LPG and other liquefied gases.
  • Multifuel Dispensers
  • LPG Dispensers
  • LNG Dispensers
  • CNG Dispensers
  • Small capacity pumps
  • Auto Gas Pumps
  • Heavy duty stationary Pumps
  • Vertical compressors


We Specialise in Manpower Placement and Support which cuts across the oil and gas industry value chain, through exploration, asset development-drilling and reservoir management, production, including the development of production facilities, refining, primary distribution and terminalling. We are able to supply multi-discipline project teams cutting across all these areas depending on the phase of client projects. We guarantee rapid turnaround time, from initial identification of Client’s specific search need, to actual placement of contractors on the work site.

Our Scope of Services include the following:

• Recruitment, covering manpower search and placement services • Payroll Management, covering timesheet handling, processing, transfers to personnel accounts, tax administration • Provision of Accommodation for personnel • Transportation • Medical Testing, In-country treatment and Medical Evacuation • Background Checking and Verification of personnel details, etc. • Database Management

We specialize in LPG, CNG and LNG, bringing together the latest technology, expertise and solutions for the adoption of GAS in Nigeria. Speed Gas Limited is committed towards the development of the Gas/LPG sector and supporting nationwide adoption in realizing the maximum potential of LPG/CNG as a clean energy alternative.