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Rural business solutions

LPG is perfect for crop drying, heating poultry sheds, greenhouses, garden centres and more. Bulk LPG storage tanks offer rural users a cleaner, greener alternative fuel source.

Clean, cost-effective and easily controllable, LPG can be used in any crop or agricultural application.

Potatoes, wheat, maize and onions can all be dried economically and very efficiently thanks to LPG.

From keeping livestock warm to providing a cleaner burning fuel for drying or growing any kind of agricultural product, LPG is used by farmers in dozens of different ways every day.

Thanks to this ‘modern’ green fuel, farmers and growers are able to increase their output and improve the quality of their products.

The agricultural industry is facing challenging and politically uncertain times, and so keeping costs down and improving efficiency is more important than ever – and we’re here to help. Not only does LPG offer significant advantages for many agricultural applications, but when you work with Speed Gas, you’ll have a team of industry experts on your side.

Unlike heat from oil or electricity, the heat produced by LPG is moist, which helps keep a stress-free environment for chicks. Maintaining the correct ambient temperature helps promote growth and feathering

Fast responding LPG radiant heaters are particularly suitable for weaning  and accommodation, where pigs cab get the warmth they need.

Thay can also provide background heating for dry sow and fattening houses, as well as mobile pig rearing

LPG is a cleaner burning fuel than many alternatives, so there is less chance of grain combustion, water ingress or fuel sediment. It can safely power a direct fired burner and can help reduce cost by prolonging the life of your equipment. It can also reduce maintenance.

An LPG system using radiant tubes allows heat to be directed precisely at plant level, saving on heating. For even greater savings, specific zone control can free you from having to run the same temperature. over the entire floor area

Flaming has become a common weed and pest control technique, LPG Propane fired torches produce a high temperature with a clean controllable, flame thereby reduce reliance on potentially environmental damaging chemicals

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