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We undertake complete design, fabrication, erection, installation and commissioning of various plants on turnkey basis like as follows:

The different types of LPG plants are as follows:

  1. LPG Filling plants for filling LPG cylinders

  2. Auto LPG Filling Stations for filling LPG in cars

  3. LPG bulk plants with vaporizers for use of LPG as burning fuel in industries

  4. LPG bulk plants for use of Liquid LPG in Aerosol and perfumes.

  5. LPG terminals for bulk storage in large volumes with truck loading facility.

These plants are provided with complete piping, valves, safety equipments, Gas leak detection system, instrumentation, etc for safe and easy use of the plant.  We executed entire plant including Civil, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation.

We undertake complete Design, manufacturing and installation of LPG cylinder filling plants such as:

  •     Filling carrousel from 8 to 36 filling posts

  •     Stationary cylinder filling post

  •     In line cylinder filling post

  •     Chain conveyor

  •     Rollers conveyor

  •     Electronic LPG leak detector and many more..

  •     Unloading Pumps, Transfer Pumps, etc.

  •     Complete Inter-connection Piping.

  •     Flame Proof Lighting inside Yard.

  •     Electrical Control Panel + Remote Operated Valves For Emergency Tripping

  •     Complete Fire Fighting Equipment’s.

  •     Dip Testing unit, Leaky cylinder evacuation unit.

  •     Gas leak detection system

  •     Tanker loading / unloading system

  •     Filled LPG cylinders sealing system

  •    Testing &commissioning of the entire systems

  •    Training of Operators and safety education.

Lpg Cylinders:-

The above LPG Cylinder Filling Plant for filling LPG Gas in cylinders of various capacities like 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 14 kg, & 20 kg , 48 kg etc .

We basically provide three types of LPG cylinder filling plants:-

  •      Fully automatic plants for fast filling in huge quantities like 5000 to  10000 cylinders per day

  •      Semi automatic plants with or without carousel for filling cylinders  approx 3000 to 5000 per day

  •      Manual LPG cylinder filling plants with stationary LPG cylinder filling scales for filling approx 500 to 2000 cylinders per day.

Auto LPG Filling Stations;

We at Speed Gas manufacture and provide total turnkey solution for bulk LPG storage facility with vaporizer, pressure reducing station and other accessories for use of LPG as fuel in various Industries like Steel, Cement, Ceramics, Automotive, Glass and various other applications.

LPG Bulk Plant with Vaporizer

LPG bulk plants for storage of LPG in tanks and convert it to vapor form using electric or steam heated vaporizers and then reducing the pressure to desired level using pressure reducing station for burning in burners for use of LPG as burning fuel in industries for various purposes like ceramics, cement, steel, glass, automotive etc.

LPG bulk plants for use of Liquid LPG in Aerosol and perfumes:

LPG bulk plants for storage of LPG in tanks and use of LPG in liquid form for various purposes like perfumes, Aerosol, pesticides, etc

LPG terminals for bulk storage:

LPG terminals are built for storage of LPG in large volumes in storage vessels like cylindrical tanks or spherical tanks, with facility to receive LPG from ship at port and then refill the same in Tankers for distribution in the entire country.

We also manufacturer of different types of LPG Plants mentioned as below:

LPG Cylinder filling plant:

We manufacture LPG Cylinder filling plant for filling LPG Gas in cylinders of various capacities. This is a custom built ready to install plant .We provide  LPG cylinder manufacturing plant with a production capacity of 3000 cylinders per day having size of 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 14 kg, & 20 kg capacities

LPG Bottling Plant:

We undertake installation of complete LPG Bottling Plants . These are available in various specifications and can be provided as per the clients requirements. The entire services include storage tanks, Unloading Pumps, &Transfer Pumps, LPG Recovery compressor, Air compressors.

The bottling plant has its own system of stringent safety and quality control checks built-in at different stages.

The quality control checks at the bottling plants are carried out at 3 stages:

Pre-filling Quality Control Checks –

The pre-filling checks include segregation of damaged cylinders, spurious cylinders, cylinders with missing O-Rings and cylinders due for pressure testing.

Post-filling Quality Control Checks –

In the post-filling checks, it is ensured that all the cylinders filled on the automatic cut-off weighing scale/filling machines are subjected to 100% cross- checks for weight.

Statistical Quality Control Checks –

These checks include all pre-filling and post-filling Checks in addition to checking the quality of the seal.

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