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By stanley on Jun 01 in SPEED GAS LTD.

Exclusive interview with new WLPGA President Mr Henry Cubbon

Mr. Henry Cubbon, many thanks on taking the time to speak to us and congratulations on becoming President of WLPGA.

What is your vision for your presidency?

I have been in the LPG business for over 10 years and must say we face much greater challenges today than we did in 2010… but also a number of opportunities. These demand a much more pro-active response from all involved in the sector – from WLPGA members as suppliers or marketers of LPG and related equipment, from local trade associations and from the WLPGA itself. The great news is that this urgency was recognised by members when providing input to the three year plan starting in 2020. My ambition is to give all the support and guidance I can to the WLPGA in delivering that plan. As a vision, I want to see LPG positioned as a relevant fuel for the future with a recognised role in the decarbonisation of our planet.

How do you see this evolving over the two coming years?

The three year plan identified three strategic goals. Our first strategic goal is advocacy and over the next two years I am really excited by the opportunity we have to sharpen our message around what a great product we have. We will identify key stakeholders including policy makers and regulators and inform and educate them through targeted communication. Our second goal is around driving the development of LPG around the world, sharing knowledge and bringing innovation. This will only help position LPG as a modern, cleaner fuel and help bring our advocacy programme to life. The WLPGA has a great track record as a credible authority in supporting the introduction of LPG both across developing countries and for new applications such as LPG as a cleaner marine fuel. Finally, we must continue to support LPG as a safe fuel delivered through processes which meet global and national safety standards. Again, this can only reinforce the message that LPG is a reliable fuel for the future.

What do you see as the key challenges facing the LPG industry in the coming years?

The key challenge is the drive to decarbonise our planet and how we position LPG as part of the solution and not the problem. Our product risks getting labelled as a fossil fuel along with coal and oil products despite its cleaner qualities and emerging biopropane alternative.

And what about the main opportunities?

Our opportunity is the fact that LPG is a decarboniser. Across many parts of the world LPG has replaced biomass as a source of cooking fuel leading to significant health benefits. LPG has also replaced other fuels such as heating oil in residential properties and other fuels used by businesses and agricultural enterprises. As Autogas, LPG has led to cleaner air in several capital cities.

In your role as President of our association, how do you feel WLPGA could respond to these challenges and opportunities?

As I have already mentioned – we have developed an excellent three year plan focussed on three strategic goals. Through these we are well placed to respond, and as President I am committed to supporting these and delivering value to our members; But we should not assume that the WLPGA alone will deliver results. Each member must commit to promoting the benefits of LPG to consumers in your communities and each national association with real member support must connect with key policy makers. As such, we are stronger together and better placed to position LPG as a fuel for the future.


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